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Bicycle parking (capacity is beneath)

Group of bicycle parkings (total capacity is the circle)


Turn the mouse wheel to zoom
Hold the left button to move in the map
Left Click on a group of bicycle parkings to see the details

Change the background map

The layers selector, on the top right may be used to select the base map in a list. Click the radio button (round button) to change the map.


The "Statistics" section shows the number of bycicle parkings and spaces, depending on the parking type.

You can get statistics on an area with the following tools:
- "Rectangle": Draw a rectangle with the mouse
- "Polygon": click several places to form a polygon

Nearest parking

Left Click somewhere on the map, the distance is calculated a between a place and the nearest parking.

Private Parkings

Private parkings are not displayed with those available to the public. However, you can display them in the layer selector by clicking the "Private parkings" option.

Parkings lacking information

In the layer selector, on the top right , check the "Missing information" option.


This map display bicycle parkings in the area of Tours, France.


Data on bicycle parking are from OpenStreetMap, a free and contributive geographic database. OpenStreetMap lists a multitude of facilities, roads, shops around the world, not to mention bicycle parkings.

The data is updated from OpenStreetMap once an hour.

You can help improve this mapping by adding notes on OpenStreetMap (button "Add a note to the map"), or by editing OpenStreetMap data.

Get the data in GeoJSON format (documentation).


This visualisation is an application under Affero General Public License. If you have technical skills, you can easily configure the software in a territory of your choice, and even make any changes you want as long as you comply with the terms of the license. If you only have a request or suggestion, you can open a ticket on GitHub.

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